Sarah Jessica Parker in a button-front skirt

Editor's review - by Drew

I am totally uninterested in anything Sarah Jessica Parker. I am not one of the fashion designers in the 2000s who used her as a vehicle to manipulate women everywhere to buy their wares. I do not think she is a style icon and I don't like the way she dresses, but I don't mind the button down light fabric dress, or the sandals with some studs, or the bracelet that is almost gladiator but a little more rock and role....fine I like her outfit, but I don't think she's a style icon and you can't make me change my opinion of that. Deal?


Sarah Jessica Parker strolled NYC in an effortless look: a gray long-sleeve tee and gray Nation LTD button-front midi skirt, which she accessorized with studded t-strap sandals and a vintage saddle bag.

Sarah Jessica Parker in a button-front skirt:

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