Beyoncé in a tribal print romper

Editor's review - by Drew

Beyonce has gone Mexican resort vacation braids in this outfit, reminding me a little of the Cosby show and a lot of every girl who has just been to the beach, and there's nothing wrong with that, but I will say the real hghlight of the outfit is probably the metallic slip on shoes.


v left Bergdorf Goodman in NYC with daughter Blue Ivy in her arms, and just as much as we couldn't stop staring at the precious baby, we also couldn't take our eyes off of mommy's tribal-print romper. The singer chose a shortsleeved red-and-blue geometric print romper and paired it up with a pair of flashy gold flats that made her feet sparkle. Red lips and oversized silver hoop earrings completed Beyoncé's latest Summer style.

Beyoncé in a tribal print romper:

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