Kourtney Kardashian with an oversized bag

Editor's review - by Drew

The Kardashians may be the worst breed of human. You know the kind of family you don't want to expose yourself or your kids to because you know nothing good will come from it. But before Kim became a sex tape star, they were running a boutique that I've heard was pretty successful...and sure there's a fine line between success and quality, and the world is filled with tacky people to buy crap, but I'm gonna assume they are at least aware, or were at least exposed to some cool brands a long the way, cuz there's no way they are as vapid, useless and disgusting as they let on. Between you and me, I love her boots, perfect for fall.


Well manicured couple Kourtney Kardashian and baby-daddy Scott Disck make their way out of a store in NYC, NY where the pair spent the day shopping on September 26, 2011.

Kourtney Kardashian with an oversized bag: via www.famepictures.com

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