Dodostyle: Skinny Jeans - Pants

Skinny Jeans - Pants by Dodostyle

Brand from South Korea: Dodostyle. Color: Blue, Materials: Cotton, Size: Product Measurements: (25): Total Length 95cm, Waist 70cm, Waist to Crotch 18cm, Hips 84cm, Thigh 48cm (26): Total Length 96cm, Waist 72cm, Waist to Crotch 19cm, Hips 86cm, Thigh 50cm (27): Total Length 97cm, Waist 74cm, Waist to Crotch 20cm, Hips 88cm, Thigh 52cm (28): Total Length 98cm, Waist 76cm, Waist to Crotch 21cm, Hips 90cm, Thigh 54cm (29): Total Length 99cm, Waist 78cm, Waist to Crotch 21cm, Hips 92cm, Thigh 56cm (30): Total Length 99cm, Waist 80cm, Waist to Crotch 21cm, Hips 94cm, Thigh 58cm, Care: Hand Wash

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Pants are trousers, a long outer garment worn at the hips.