Being Lindsay Lohan

We wish for nothing else for Lindsay Lohan than for her to get her shit together.  We don’t necessarily think she is great talent a lot of people claim she is – she had two good movies, both of which happened years ago and has been in pretty much nothing but duds since. Still, the potential was there and it is, even for our cold black hearts, unnerving to see someone with any form of potential pissing it all away. We once read an article interviewing the director of Mean Girls where he said something to the effect that Lindsay was more into being famous versus being an actor and having fame come with the territory that being an actor is.

 And this was year before the trouble started...

The only thing we can honestly say we love more about present day Lindsay is that she no longer uses Rachel Zoe as a stylist and it shows. Her look is a tad more personalized now than it was before (remember the Lohan-Richie clone era of a few years back? Barf) and we wish we could say that this newer individualism was a sign of positive things to come, but we don’t know that for sure. We hope it is though. We wish she would go easier on the tanning cream - there's nothing wrong with a healthy glow but there's a difference between that and looking dirty.

Regardless, we like you Lohan, and we like the way you look.  Get it together in your personal life and be what we know you can be.


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