We love Naomi Campbell. We once read that a couple times yearly she and Marc Jacobs will pack their bags and go on a crazy vacation to all sorts of crazy places in the world that most of us can only dream about while sitting at our desks staring at our computer screens. We love her mix of grace and sass, her killer catwalk strut and most of all her notorious fly-off-the-handle temper that has made her more famous than her modeling career as of lately. Seriously, this women seems to be THE definition of diva and will not only go off in a moments notice at whatever she feels like, but may also do it on purpose just to keep you in line and on your toes.

It takes more than a pretty face to pull off a micro mini dress, a dress that can only be worn by those lucky enough to have the legs for days to pull it off.  Combine that with some unbelievable, never before  seen gladiator boots and a bad ass leather jacket and this is one lady who has some fierce intimidation from her outfit on its own, let alone the attitude that comes along with it. We’d let her throw hot coffee on us if that’s what she fancied it meant we could even mildly be associated with her on any level, even that of the lowly, cowering assistant.



Report by tmstaff



Ri-Ri worn those boots before, but naomi is a true Diva!


She looks great and the boots were worn by Lindsay Lohan on many occasions first. Think Lindz rocks them better but Naomi is a cool 2nd

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