Beat of a Different Drum

With the exception of whatever he is wearing on his head and whatever purpose it may or may not serve, this is actually the best we have seen Mickey Rourke look in the last little while fashion wise this makes us happy. It seems more often than not he is either pulling good look or just completely off the map. The off the map thing leaves question in our mind though, because as much as his outfits at times have no rhyme or reason its a lack of rhyme or reason  that seems like it isn’t completely obvious and not intentional. You know when someone is obviously trying to be outlandish or stick out and when those characteristics have motives behind them whose soul purpose is for others to take notice of them. But something tells us that that isn’t the case with Mickey Rourke. When he’s out in his occasional crazy get ups we don’t think it’s that had wants to be noticed, and if he doesn’t want to be noticed than that really only leaves two possibilities that follow logic and reason. The first of those two is that he just doesn’t care and given what we perceived his nature to be, that seems like it could be likely. The second is just that he has no clue at all, which is also not only possible but very likely. Or maybe he’s just color and texture blind. Either way, we like this side of Mickey, let’s see him more often, even if it does mean a little bit of crazy headgear.


Report by tmstaff



Did anyone proofread this after writing it? Basic rules of syntax and punctuation are being ignored here. And it's "sole reason," not "soul reason."

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