Interview with a hat freak.



My older brother is A) an asshole and B) a hat freak. Some people really like cats, some really like video games but Adam really likes fitted hats. I’m not sure if there is a single family photo where he is not wearing a hat from about age 6 onward.  I remember fights at the dinner table every night over Adam not taking his hat off to say grace. One day he will surely go bald from the amount of time he spends wearing them.  



TOstreets: What was the first hat you ever bought?

Adam: I got a Detroit Tigers hat at an outlet mall on a trip. I remember it cost me $4. 


TOstreets: How many fitted hats do you own now?

Adam: I own well over 100 now.  All of which I wear. None of which are kept out of their natural habitat, and by natural habitat I mean on my head.  




Grand Canyon fitted hat


TOstreets: Why do you like them so much?

Adam: I like the way they sit on your head. I like the way they look. I like the way it connects you to baseball players unlike with other sports. You don’t see people wearing hockey helmets or football helmets around the street.


TOstreets: There are rules to wearing fitteds though, right?

Adam: Yes.Rule #1: never over-curve the brim. # 2: refrain from wearing them backwards. What rule number am I on again?


TOstreets: Three.

Adam: #3: If you’re not ready for the responsibility of a white hat, don’t buy one. That’s pretty much all the rules.


'First day of school' fitted hat


TOstreets:This interview is getting boring. What would you do if someone fucked with your hats?

Adam: That’s a dumb question. How about I talk about special edition and rare hats that I own.


TOstreets: Ok, what special hats do you own?

Adam: My favourite special hat is my American League Empires 59Fifty.



'Standing beside a French dude' fitted hat


TOstreets:What’s a 59Fifty?

Adam: Well, fuck. This should have been question number one. Not all fitted hats are created equal. I would say the highest quality, most consistently fitting hat is the New Era 59Fifty.


TOstreets: Is there anything else you would like to tell me about fitted caps?

Adam: I’m not done talking about the 59Fifty. 




'The middle of the desert' fitted hat


TOstreets: What else would you like to add?

Adam:When I started wearing 59Fiftys  in probably about 1995, they were 100 % wool, the brims were  made of shitty cardboard and when they got wet they shrunk or stretched. If you got a hat wet and didn’t wear it until it was dry it was garbage. They would stink so bad after they were wet that you could always tell when someone was wearing one. But they were classic. If you have something that’s working, why mess with it?



TOstreets: Ok enough about 59Fiftys. Did I ever fuck up any of your hats when we were kids?

Adam: No. You’re lucky. But I had a Yankees fitted that got ruined. I had it sitting on the lunch table beside me because we weren’t allowed to wear hats in school. I dropped a ketchup laden French fry on it when the hat was less than a week old. Back when this happened they used to have cleaning instructions on the tag in the hat and it said ‘dry clean only.’ So, I took it to the dry cleaners and they fucked it up so bad. They shrunk it, didn’t get rid of the ketchup and made what I refer to as ‘crackhead creases’ in it. It was devastating.


TOstreets: What are ‘crackhead creases?’

Adam: They’re creases in the hat in that are commonly found on the hats of crackheads.



'Sitting infront of colonial style house eating ice cream' fitted hat.


TOstreets: Well this has been an interesting interview.

Adam: I’m not done. I want to add some tips. 1) I know it might be cool to leave all the stickers on your hat, don’t do it. 2) Never store your hats with the back folded into the fronts.



The best of Trendmill fitted hat looks!




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