Monday's Style Crush: Nina Dobrev

I went to high school with Nina Dobrev. Seriously. We had history and science together and when I came to class stoned every day after lunch she let me copy her answers from the homework the night before. Then she kind of blew up on a little show called Vampire Diaries. All of a sudden she was on the covers of Seventeen and Nylon and not sitting in front of me in 4th period anymore. And while it`s always easy to hate celebrities, if Nina is still half the sweetheart she was in high school then all I really hate her for is having impeccable style that I`m jealous of... and maybe for having shinier hair than me. She`s a stunner on red carpets wearing long, elegant gowns and  a complete knockout showing some leg on red carpets.Keep it up Nina!



Report by Kristin C.

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