Suri Cruise Style

Whether you are worried she is actually baby Jesus to those Scientologists, her parents have even had sexual intercourse, or you think she sucks her thumb too much in photographs, Suri Cruise is still unarguably a fashion icon.  From Splendid, to Gap kids, from J. Crew to her pajamas, Suri Cruise steps out side of the fashion box. She matches her hair bows to her blankies. She clashes unlikely colors. She wears her slippers when her kitten heels are too much. She rolls around strollers with fake babies in them. She rocks the multiple hair bow look flawlessly. She sits on the ground in her favorite tutu and cries in public without shame. And you know she looks better in that blue striped sundress that Kate Hudson and Jennifer Garner combined. 

Looking for some cutting edge fashion ideas, to spice up your wardrobe and accessory game? Suri has you covered this season. Just try to alternate days between tutus, fake babies, and the thumb sucking blankie look. You don’t want to over do it.

 Here is some fashion inspiration for your work week wardrobe, play dates with Willow Smith, or pending nervous breakdown! I bring you some of my Suri Cruise fashion favorites!


A must have dress for fall.


Suri wore it better.


A princess umbrella will keep your tutu fashionably dry.


A montage of fashion favorites.


Don't be afraid to pair clashing colors.


Match your hairbow to your blankie.


And don't be afraid to rock multiple hair bows!


Strollers are a great accessory. If you don't have any actual baby, just use a doll.



Have someone carry you if your footwear isn't sidewalk ready.


Kitten heels are training wheels for stilletos.



Report by thesarahmorrison

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