Look for Less: Hoodie Nation

Spring is a comin' and that means one thing... Hoodies EVERYWHERE! And every year the range of hoodies get more elaborate and more expensive. Someone took the hipsters staple comfort-wear and turned it into a $200 emblem covered designer items and we're not gonna take it anymore!

Here's the good news... Pretty much anywhere your shop, there's a hoodie inside. But how to decide? Are you making a political statement? Are you a butterfly sprouting her spring wings? Or do you keep things simple and let girl be the center of attention?

Either way, the hoodies are here. And you can expect us to have more hoodie posts as the season gets nearer.


Hoodie by Pepe Jeans $57.00
Double Drawstring Hoodie $17.95

Wooden button up hoodie $ 34.99
Butterfly Spirit Hoodie $ 27.99

Casual V Hoodie $9.99
French Terry Star Zip-up Hoodie $13.99

Report by tmstaff

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