Marc Jacobs Accused of Plagiarism


A Swedish man by the name of Göran Olofsson has accused Marc Jacobs of plagiarising his father's traditional scarf. The scarf was created in the village of Linsell in the 1950s and Göran believes he owns the rights to the design.

Göran's father died in 1982 but up until then he ran a gas station where he sold homemade souvenirs. It's presumed that at some point the scarf made it's way to the world of Marc Jacobs where he ran off with the design plane. So far Jacobs has yet to comment. Göran told The Local "I was very surprised when I saw the new scarf. It looks like a clear case of plagiarism."

Last December, designer Matthew Williamson was forced to defend himself after he was accused of replicating the Ethiopian national costume for his spring/summer '08 collection.

Report by tmstaff

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