Equipment Blouse And Why We Love Them


When Christian Restoin introduced the men's shirt to womenswear with the launch of Equipment in 1975, no one knows that men’s shirt or blouses can be a big hit. Inspired by Hollywood stars Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall, his debut collection was an instant hit with fashion's elite. And this is why in the 80’s era oversized blouses and coats had been the “In” fashion. But it seems that this trend had been gone when the 90’s came. Luckily it is coming back in the mainstream today. And at 2010 Joie’s Serge Azria relaunched Equipment brand with a collection of androgynous styles in luxurious silks, paying homage to the label's heritage while infusing it with contemporary edge. Today I’m going to sell you out more about Equipment blouse because as a fashion spotter, I believe that it is a must have in every girls’ wardrobe. Equipment blouse is a wonderful thing. It gives the impression of having just woken up in the morning, throwing on your boy’s white shirt and looking sexier than ever, because it’s just so darn simple and effortless. Equipment blouse can be long enough to be worn as a dress, with bare legs or tights (that’s what makes it so sexy after all). Try to find a shirt that’s big enough to be long, but that still fits reasonably well around the shoulders. If your shirt is long but fitted, it can be crisper, while a more oversized shirt will sit better if in a lighter fabric. To achieve a more feminine look, match your Equipment blouse with tight, well-fitting pants. Don’t forget that your reason is not to look frumpy, but more trendy and chic. Therefore a great option would be to wear skinny jeans, leggings or jeggings with your favorite Equipment blouse. Oversized shirts can easily be counterbalanced with fitted bottoms and you are ready to make a statement. These are really hot items this year, but for a tasteful look, make sure that your shirt is long enough, below your bottom. You can even put on belts that should be worn on the low waist or on your hips Equipment blouse can look extremely cute and effortlessly trendy on girls. It is definitely mens wear in women at its best. Men’s shirts spent more time in the fashion spotlight than boyfriend jeans or boyfriend blazers that became very popular lately. Men usually think that women wearing men’s clothes are sexy, and girls like to enjoy the sensation of freedom these clothes confer to them. You love this style and want to wear men shirts but still want to look feminine? Then shop at Equipment today! Visit:

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