Dries Van Noten dip-dyed denim

Editor's review - by Drew

My mom once did this to my favorite pair of jeans, but I lacked vision, I just got upset, threw the pants out and resorted to sweatpants, because I knew no jean could ever be as good as the ones that were ruined....Two lessons were learned that day, the first was to do my own laundry and the second, was that I lacked foresight. I could have taken those jeans to the top instead of waiting for someone else to do it. That said, I always love rolled up jeans, or pants, no matter what the color, with loafers, it is classic. I love cool hats and sweaters. So consider this look brought.

Dries Van Noten dip-dyed denim is a Paris street style photo by Lukas via www.streetpeeper.com

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