Oversized Equipment Shirts Are Back


Yes, we’ve all heard about shorts and wondered about those crop tops, but don’t you think it’s time we noticed that the big shirt has suddenly become popular in this year’s order of everyday spring styles? Let me put it this way: Just a couple of years ago, the mere idea of putting on an oversize, long-sleeved shirt, untucked with tails flailing, would most certainly have made fashion conscious women wince. But now, thanks to an understated change in perception, we find that upper body coverage—buttoned up necks, long sleeves, and a long de-emphasizing volume of the waist—is totally desirable. Thanks to a slew of labels and young designers, the oversized shirt is back on active duty at all fashion fronts. Of all these designers, we have to recognize the one brand that started it all: the Equipment clothing brand. From the time of its inception, the brand has gone through a makeover that involved a lot of essential tweaks. What began as a man’s fashion staple, Equipment shirts has gone through many creative changes before becoming a female favorite. The fabric’s been improved, the prints have been creatively designed, with the shoulders narrowed, the cuffs lengthened, and the shirttail exaggerated to the point that it is free flowing in the breeze. Equipment shirts can play a big role in the summer’s new layering styles, with the cuffs and tails peeking out and trailing behind the standard blazer. Of all the countless designs out there—men’s dress shirts, pajama tops, banker’s stripes, Western styling, Hawaiian prints, and almost every other hybrid imaginable—you will find a shirt that’s perfect for almost every occasion and lifestyle. Usually, you will realize that when you pair one with the right accessories, an enhanced, oversize shirt has enough fashion oomph to be worn in meetings, dinner dates, and evening events, making a jacket inessential. And for those wondering about the future of these shirts, they look promising: Oversize shirts will have a big role in the changing of styles in the fall season, so shop now and be prepared. A major advantage of oversize shirts in a fashion sense is it can basically fit any figure. However, plus size women should be careful in choosing their tops because anything too wide can make them look bigger. If you are looking to buy the perfect oversize shirt, then Equipment shirts are the ones for you. The brand offers the most comfortable and stylish tops. And best of all, they come in a variety of colors, fabrics, prints, and cuts that can be paired with anything.

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